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Bayshore Condominium Newsletter

August 2010 Bayshore Breeze Newsletter

Publishers:  Bayshore Residents           Volume 2 Number 8            August 2010

Pres. Ray Hickey, Vice Pres. Joanne Harding, Sec. Valerie Peterson, Treas. Fred Gund, Director Joyce Knapp & Director Rita Maher.

MANAGER’S REPORT    NOW HEAR & REMEMBER THIS!  If you burn popcorn, TV dinners, a steak or other food or fumes in your unit  - DO NOT OPEN THE HALLWAY DOOR!  There are very sensitive conical sensors on each hallway ceiling and it will trigger a Bayshore wide Fire Alarm Response.  Instruct all your guests of this too- DO NOT OPEN THE HALL DOOR! Open the balcony door and also put on the vent above the stove.  MANDATORY FIRE EVACUATION   When you hear the Fire Alarm, elevators stop, go to the floor exit, down the stairs and exit the bldg; IF YOU CAN'T NOT GO DOWN THE STAIRS, WAIT AT THE FLOOR EXIT DOOR FOR ASSISTANCE  - balcony viewing to see what is happening or standing in the hall is not to be done.  AGAIN, DO NOT OPEN THE HALLWAY DOOR.

DOORMAN'S CORNER Remember that Doorman Percy Brown helps us recycle our aluminum cans.  Save them in a bag and remember that Percy works on Thurs and Friday evenings.  All Fed & UPS packages are being secured under lock and key. Remember, the garage has a 5 MPH speed limit.

WELCOME ABOARD   Many family visitors to Bayshore are increasing, some utilizing Unit 100, the 2 bedroom & 2 bath fully furnished suite and enjoying the area. Maps & area information have also been very helpful, thanks to Betty Allen who paid for the Pensacola maps and Doorman Mark Richmond.  Compare: Compare: Use of Unit 100 is $50 a night.  Contrast:  Off-season night at the new Margaritaville Beach Hotel on Pensacola Beach is $200, peak season is $400.  WOW -  Bayshore owners and approved residents really have a bargain amenity with Unit 100 to use for their family and friends! Inquire with Management for details. Remind them to bring their laptops; Bayshore has a WiFi Zone downstairs and up to 3rd floor east of the elevators.


TRUTH  - AN OFFICIAL BOARD has been strategically placed in the downstairs hallway to keep residents more informed of Bayshore activities.   There are subject’s headings such as Administration, Events, and Soft Calendar & Committee Notices.  The Unofficial Board will soon be in the Mail Rm where personal items may be displayed; downsize some of your extras by placing a For Sale sign there.
FICTION:  Recently, 2 rumors surfaced.  First, there is no truth that Admiral Ramsey refused to give up his parking space so doors could be placed there.  Second, Rita Maher donated the DVD player that was connected to the TV in the Patio Rm and there was no cost to Bayshore.  It cost us NADA!
If you want the Truth around Bayshore, go read items in the Official Board and in the Bayshore Breeze Newsletter or ask a Board Member or Management for a clarification.   A lot of rumors go with cocktail influences and lies seem to travel in the faster lane, get off the gossip chain. 

On 6 August, Phoenix Coating hosted a first class BBQ party, catered by Dave’s Famous BBQ, for the residents, staff & workers, plus food by Bayshore residents.  Much of the South side of the bldg. has been completed and we are in the home stretch.  A big thank you to our residents, staff, workers & visitors who patiently have endured the construction work - we have a much stronger, safer bldg.  The tinted (will reduce heat in the bldg. and prevent cataracts) windows and sliders are rated for 160 MPH winds, plus are impact-resistant. The new roof will be the next area of construction, scheduled to begin by the end of September.  Thank you Mr. George Atchison, Mr. Bryan Mack, Mr. Charlie Henderson, Chairperson Joanne Harding and Manager Jenny Johnson – also thanks to several Bayshore residents and board members in attendance, who were courteous enough to thank the host.  Food was delicious too!
*A certificate will soon be available when you file your 2010 taxes for a credit due to the new Energy Efficient windows & doors.
*Also, when the unit windows and doors are installed, call your insurance company for a new quote or mention this next time you renew your policy that your windows & doors meet 2010 wind & impact standards.  The windows & doors belong to the Bayshore Association, not the individual unit owner – all exterior of the bldg belongs to the Association, the unit owner owns from the inside walls, sq. footage and not the balconies.


SACRED HEART MOBILE HEALTH VAN was a Big Success!  Thank you Bayshore residents for your excellent attendance. Part I (Heart Health) was repeated; and a new PART II  (Bone Health) too for our residents and friends.  This time, it was both Health & Bone Health, so our residence can get current health data worth over $500+.  FREE Screening was on Friday, August 20 from 8:30 - 11:00 AM - It was by Ultrasound and took 5 - 7 minutes.  Osteoporosis (weak bones) affects both Men & Women – be sure to take a calcium health product like Citracal (not a calcium carbonate product) also include Vitamin D3 and also Vitamin K in the mix.  A deficiency of Vit K means the calcium is going into the bloodstream (lands up in the heart or kidneys) & not into the bones!  Check at Wal-Mart for the Spring Valley brand; comes in caramel chews. Always look for the Sacred Heart Van and take advantage of this at our front door. ALL FREE for the Health Works and it is coming 2 more times!
*The Storage Rm, East Corridor, Generator Rm & Chemical Rm have undergone improved soft lighting by using the info from to the FREE Gulf Power Energy Audit at a cost of $100; will pay for itself in 2 months.  Better illumination and reducing operational expenses, plus less heat rising in the bldg. 
*A Private Project costing over $1400, of upgrading the Trash & Laundry Rms on some floors with slip resistant high quality porcelain tile was initiated, making cleaner, safer and modern.
Special Thanks to Brenda & Don Richmond who helped pay for the slip resistant porcelain tile on 7th floor in the Laundry & Trash Rms. - A+ people. *Rosemary & Ed Kelly who helped pay for the slip resistant porcelain tile on 9th floor in the Trash Rms. - A+ people.
Other porcelain tile projects were done in the Laundry Rm n 4th, the Laundry & Trash Rm on 5th, the Laundry & Trash Rm on 7th and the Trash Rm on 9th.

POOL & PIER COMMITTEE UPDATE – Chairperson Rainer Olaffson
Numerous wasp nests have occupied the pier, however, Rainer & Becky Root have decided that the wasp cannot take up residence on the pier. The Ladies have destroyed MANY NESTS.  Thank you Rainer & Becky. *Whoever threw all the solar lights off the pier and into the water was a mean-spirited person. Might be the same one who is throwing out the maps that Pat & Betty Allen have donated.  Notice: lots of people are on the lookout!
*Also, all the crab traps are owned by private individuals – this is NOT BAYSHORE COMMON PROPERTY and crabs should not be removed!
 2010 Florida Statues Chapter 718 relating to condominiums:
*All insurance companies that now are selling homeowners insurance in the state of Florida after July 2010 must include assessments insurance.
*On 1 July 2010, the Florida Legislature repealed the mandatory unit insurance coverage. 

Mr. Patriotic, Warren Harding, Sr supplies our flags and properly disposes of them.  Special recognition in this area goes to The Halls in 206, Rita Maher in 205, Ruth  Mendelsen in 204, and Odis Byers in 604 for flying the flag – perhaps others too.

Q How can one keep cut apples fresh?  A  Cut and core an apple & place in a dish with lightly salted water.  Store in the refrigerator & it will keep fresh for days.  Thanks Sally Johnson.
Q Where is a good place to buy wine and liquor?  A  Try Richies located at 900 E. Gregory St – they have a good selection of wine & spirits.
Q Where is a local outdoor Farmer's Market?  A  Also called Palafox Market.    Every Saturday, rain or shine, from 8 AM until 2 PM. May 1 through October 30, 2010.  Martin Luther King Plaza on N. Palafox St. between Wright St. and Chase St.   Shop for local artwork, organic products and fresh produce such as watermelon, Silver Queen corn, blueberries, peaches, tomatoes and peppers. Local cafes and bakeries have also set up shop, with bread, baklava and fudge made fresh for the occasion. Colorful flowers, with deals such as three sunflowers for a dollar.

DADDY SAID   When choosing a profession; choose something that can support you & one other person.
MOMMA SAID   In choosing a man; see how he treats his mother.
GRANDMA SAID Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case.
AUNTIE SAID   Remember to always have that  "je ne sais quoi"
FIFTH COUSIN, ONCE REMOVED SAID Rest and you rust, and use it or lose it!
Bayshore views, this lady has style.  Every Friday, she walks out the front door, well dressed and says TGIF and has that special smile. Guess who?

STORAGE RM  Cardboard & other combustible items are not permitted in the Storage Rm.  All items must be tagged with unit number. No appliances are to be stored in the Rm. Bayshore is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS.

BAYSHORE COMPUTER CLUB *Meets on the 2nd Wed of month at 6:30 – 7:30 PM – no dues, assignments, homework – activates a few cerebral neurons and just fun! Only PC people, no MACS. Connections to the Internet are available in the Patio Rm/Conditt Lounge and the Bay Rm.  Look on your laptop in the bottom right system tray, click on the BAYSHORE in CAPS link, it will say Connect, then go to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or what OS you use, click it, then you are onto Bayshore Surfing; you then enter have entered the Bayshore WiFi Zone!  What is ETA?  (Estimated Time of Arrival).

ALL PETS ARE TO BE CARRIED IN & OUT OF THE BLDG & GROUNDS.  Pets are also not allowed on Bayshore grassy areas even if you are planning to pick up their "poop" in a plastic bag. Zone!

Disclaimer:  This newsletter is not affiliated with or owned by the Bayshore Condominium Association.

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